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Evil Eye Protection + Cleansing Wash

Evil Eye Protection + Cleansing Wash

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Our Evil Eye protection + Cleansing wash is a special blend of Rain Water, Blue Anil and Secret Blend of protection and cleansing herbs. 

Our wash is to be used to repel and protect against evil eye, negativity and stagnant energy. 

It has been blessed and charged with Reiki from a Usui Reiki Master to protect against Past, present and future threats and energies. 


1. Household/Workspace: Add to your mop water, wipe down your counters, desk and tables etc. 

2. Spiritual Cleanses: Add to your spiritual bath, rituals and spells (Safe for Topical use)

3. Spiritual tools: Use it to wash your altar cloths, tarot cloths, headwraps and clothes for spiritual cleansing and protection.

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