Holistic Health Care VS Big Pharma: Why you need to make nature your healer.

While to most people Big Pharma doesn't pose as a threat to your health, those of us who try to be conscious of what we put in our bodies can understand the harmful effects of something as simple as Toothpaste.

Yes, Toothpaste from Colgate and other well-known brands, you know the ones full of fluoride which is classified as a poison and if swallowed you need to call Poison Control Immediately! (Bet you didn't). Doesn't it make you wonder what exactly happens to your body if you swallow toothpaste that you'd need to call Poison control? Like if its so dangerous why do they sell it for oral consumption?

Nonetheless, Big Pharma is the topic here.

Lets just start off with commercials shall we? How many medication commercials have you watched growing up where not only are the side effects longer than the commercial but they are usually worse than what you were dealing with originally and never do they actually help resolve the problem. You just have to continuously take them and the shitty effects they come with for the rest of your life. Congratulations, you played yourself.

This brings me onto the topic of Holistic Alternatives, such as herbs, extracts and essential oils to combat certain illnesses and diseases.


It has been naturally proven that eating better, drinking more water and going outside in the sun can help improve your health tremendously, more so than pills and shots from the Doctors office.

Even when it comes down to serious illnesses like Cancer, Aids and diabetes, people like

Dr. Sebi have proven that you can cure yourself from illness, because disease can not survive in an alkaline body and to achieve an alkaline body you must eat an alkaline diet (Raw Natural foods, herbs and extracts).

There are also many natural alternatives more likely to help you recover from issues like Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Menopause, Arthritis, High blood pressure, endometriosis and plenty of others. Changing your diet and being mindful of what you consume can change your life.

Everything we put in or on ourselves becomes a part of who we are, so what does it mean for you if you're putting poison in your body?

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