Are you pushing your blessings away? The power of Law of Attraction

The power of Law of Attraction works whether you are trying to use it for your advantage or your subconsciously fucking yourself over.

This is one of the main bases for conjuring, spell work, manifestation and overall "Attraction" of things you want in your life. But this can also work against you, when you are "Subconsciously manifesting" on a lower vibration.

This is you speaking negatively to yourself, self-limiting beliefs, fear, resistance to change, self sabotaging behavior and other negative traits that cause you to subconsciously manifest more chaos, bad luck, negativity, financial setbacks and other situations in your life.

The universe doesn't care if you don't want to be broke anymore, if all you keep focusing on is not having money, that is what you are going to keep attracting NOT HAVING MONEY.

This is why positive affirmations and mantras are important to speak to yourself, because you are psychologically rewiring your brain to send that energy into the universe.

Constantly limiting yourself, doubting yourself and having a victim mentally can block the blessings right out your life just because you don't believe you can or should have them.

So what to do during times when you're feeling like that?

Well in my professional opinion those types of issues come from things you haven't dealt with in your life, like growing up in poverty, dealing with abuse, neglect, lack of confidence, lack of love, parental issues, low self esteem and other trauma based experiences.

These experiences can seriously effect you consciously and subconsciously, by disturbing the alignment of your chakras and making you susceptible to more negative energy by Law of attraction ( Negative energy attracts negative energy).

This is where Shadow work, Meditation, positive affirmations and other healing methods become necessary to help you come to a place where you are no longer holding yourself back, holding onto the past pain, hurt and trauma in your life.

True healing starts when you learn that you are not a victim to life but a student.

A lot of the times, most of the shit we go through in our lives are because of decisions and choices we made or didn't make and there was something to learn from it, no matter how shitty it was.

Most people however don't always believe this concept and fall victim to being a victim and then goes around asking the universe, Why me?

The answer is simple, you needed that experience for something greater.

You don't always get to realize what that is til way later, but sometimes it's like the door shutting on you in one place but opening up for you somewhere else.

If you go for a job and you wanted it so bad but you never got the call back saying "You're Hired!" and then you went to go pick all the things wrong about you, and what you did wrong and how you sucked and failed or any other negative self talk afterwards then this applies to you.

How about you look at it like this, the job just wasn't for you and that's not where you were supposed to be. Then boom, a week later you get a new offer, at a better company, with better benefits and hours and you get the job.

That wouldn't have happened if you got stuck at the other job, that you would have grown to hate. This is just the way the universe works. It's not about just deliberately making you have a crappy life or experience for no reason. There's always a reason. No matter how fickle it may seem when you discover it, it means something and plays a role to your life and development.

Everything single thing we experience in our lives mean something.

That's the set up of our Soul Contracts.

So in conclusion stop putting out negative energy or that's what you'll get in return.

Heal your spirit and stop focusing on the past cause you can't change it and stop acting like a victim to life you have more power over it than you think.

Another way of putting this is to just trust the fucking universe. Period.

If you are ready to embark on your healing journey, then book your appointment below and see what services I offer that can help you on your path.

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