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Purple Angel Rainbow Crystal pendant

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These purple angel aura quartz magnify your prayers, intentions, and desires, and purify them before they send them straight up to Source. These are pure light! Aura quartz has become one of my favorite tools. And if you take one of these generators home, you will understand why. This extraordinary, sparkling variety of quartz is quite challenging to find, but well worth the hunt. Each piece is a magical, shimmering, angelic point, with rainbows bursting out in all directions.

They work with your third eye and crown chakras. To open, balance, charge and help send your intent to the divine.

You can enjoy the benefits of this magical crystal by wearing it (not in the shower, cannot get wet) hold it in your hand during meditation or when you are doing divination, readings or any kind of spiritual communication for a clear and direct connection to the divine.

Wear during sleep for more vivid and lucid dreams

Charged with Reiki energy to focus on balancing and cleansing the third eye and crown chakra.

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