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Prosperity Crystal Blend

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Clear Quartz - Remove blockages, Negative energy, clear mind and energy

Lodestone (Magnitite) - Attraction, love, money, business, abundance, prosperity, good luck

Citrine - success, happiness, abundance, money, business, attraction, sacral chakra

Pyrite (Fools Gold) - money, manifesting, attraction, luck, gambling, abundance.

Magickal Memo -

Lodestones have to be cleansed, blessed, named and fed in order to connect and activate its power.

We already cleansed, blessed and fed all lodestones to be prepared for its owner.

When you receive yours please take the time to name, bless and feed your lodestone we will send you an indication of if you have a male or female lodestone.

Lodestones are to be cleansed with Whiskey, Hoyts cologne, Florida water or sacred smudges.

Lodestones are to be fed with magnetic sand, at least once a week.

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