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Dragons Blood Oil

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This Dragons Blood Oil was handcrafted during the Full Aries Harvest Moon and Lunar infused under the energy grounded in a sacred earth bed all night and blessed with the frequency of positive energy, protection and strong connections to the universe.

All of our magical supplies are worked with the power of the universe, meaning on the days , times and planetary alignments to increase the power and intent of each instrument.

Botanical Name: Daemomorops Draco
Element Correspondences: Fire
Planetary Correspondences: Mars
Zodiac Correspondences: Aries, Sagittarius
Magickal Uses: Power to Spells, Manifestation, Intention, Protection, Love Drawing, Money Attraction, Healing Rituals, Emotional Strength, Heightening Ritual Energy, Banishing, Love, Protection, Healing, Increased Potency, Honoring the Gods, Goddesses, Spirits or Ancestors.
Magickal Tip: Add some oil to anoint your candles, your mojo bags, your spell jars, your smudge sticks and any other witchy tools to create stronger intent.
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