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Baby Dust fertility supplements

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Have you been trying to conceive and keep getting negative test?

Maybe your period is irregular or your battling PCOS, ENDOMETRIOS, and other infertility conditions.

Whichever the reason our plant-based Baby Dust supplements are formulated to help aide and cater to your wombs most precious needs using ayurvedic herbal medicine and reiki healing energy, taken with a healthy diet and our other fertility supplements and PLENTY of water you are gifting your body and womb love and healing to prepare you for your future pregnancy!

Our supplements help with:

✨ Hormonal imbalance

✨ Irregular Menstrual Cycles

✨ Low libido (man and women)

✨ Vaginal Dryness

✨ Poor Blood Circulation

✨ Ovulation support


Maca Root - increase libido, helps balance hormones, aides in reducing stress, aides in vaginal dryness

Shatavari - increases reproductive health, helps regulate menstrual cycle, helps strengthen uterine lining

Ashwagandha - Increases libido, helps improve blood circulation, helps reduce stress, helps boost sperm production and health.

Plant-based capsules - halal, non-gmo, vegan

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*This product has not been evaluated by the food and drug administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases. Do not take with pharmaceuticals and consult with physician before trying.

Do not take if pregnant.

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