Spiritual Life Coaching with
Amunet Lah

Hi My Love,

Your Spirit Guides brought you here. 

They are telling you it is time to Tap In.

No more walking around hurt, lost and confused. 

The great awakening is in full effect and it is my soul mission to guide others to healing, growth and fully stepping into their power.

My main mission is to connect with women around the world who are READY for change.

READY to let go.

READY to HEAL and live fully in their truth.

Together we will connect, laugh, cry, yell, feel and over-stand the full lessons we CHOSE to experience as Spiritual Beings in a Human Experience.

I am your Hierophant. A guide to help you see the power inside your soul. Invest in YOU. Not just financially but spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Are you ready to start? Are you feeling the pull from the universe? No Fear, Anxiety, Trauma or YOURSELF is gonna hold you back any longer! its time to take full control of your world Goddess and CREATE your best life. Ase 


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Shadow Work

Shadow Work is a form of Self-Healing Therapy that is used to learn Self Acceptance, Release, Forgiveness, Trauma Responses, PTSD, and other energies manifested through shadow work by connecting and working with the energy of darkness that is your Shadow Self.

*Shadow Work can be very triggering and can amplify your feelings of depression, anxiety and ptsd. These reasons are why you should have a support system to guide and uplift you through the healing process.


Self Love is deeper than the flesh. When teaching Self-Love this refers to your Mind, Body and Spirit. Loving who you are is accepting who you are, where you been and constantly evolving to be who you want. Self- Love is just as crucial as Shadow Work. The Duality of living in love and learning through pain. Together we will connect to the blockages in your heart and release them to replace it with unconditional love of YOURSELF. 

Self Love

Reiki is an ancient Japanese Practice of Energy based healing that connects the life force energy (chi) that is in every living thing and brings the power of love and light to full spectrum by helping the body and spirit reconnect to its natural ability of healing and higher vibrational frequencies. This technique is used to aide in physical recovery, emotional recovery, and spiritual recovery.


Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? Speak and you shall receive. however that doesn't apply just to what you want in life (conscious Manifesting), it also applies to what you DON'T want (subconscious manifesting)  and I will teach you the many various techniques and Do's and Don'ts, when it comes to manifesting.


Metaphysical Tools

One thing you will learn with me is the power of intention! The universe has created many metaphysical energies such as crystals, divination, herbs, astrology, numerology, and many others as tools to assist us along our journey! Now you may see the trend of these things and feel that you aren't on track cause you may not have some of them. They are Tools. YOU are the magick! YOUR intentions are what create your reality and I will teach you how to utilize your greatest intentions with or without them!

Meditation is the most common known facet of spirituality, but you don't have to spiritual to meditate. This practice is used to connect your conscious (Human mind) with your subconscious (higher self) and use that connection to get in tuned to what your mind, higher self and spirit guides are trying to tell you. During meditation you learn to control your thoughts, actions, emotions and behaviors through consistency and patience. We will work together to find the right meditation technique to fit your energy and make the most of this Self-Healing practice.



Most importantly when working with me, you will be able to fully learn to continuously heal yourself. 

If it seems impossible now, you are at the beginning.

Just by taking this step you are heading in the right direction.